Sexy and Sassy Floorwork

You will learn some fun & sexy dance moves!

What to wear?

  • We require knee pads (Polercise sells dance & pole knee pads)
  • Heels are optional

Spring Special

ALL Aerial Introductory Class for ONLY $15

*This class gives you a sample of Pole Fitness, Silks & Lyra... you get to try ALL three for a fantastic price!

*Please wear shorts, t-shirt, no jewelry.  (Bring leggings to throw over the top of your shorts for lyra & silks if you prefer.)

Aerial Core Workout Class

This is a must if you are trying to build your strength for ALL Aerial Classes at Polercise™.

What to wear?

  • Workout attire

Yoga & Flexibility 

Flexibility classes aim at getting you into your splits! These classes will also help improve aerial skills & techniques. 

What to wear?

  • Leggings or tights
  • Bring yoga mats & yoga blocks (Polercise™ sells & rents them)

*Classes fill up quickly; we recommend that you pre-register for our classes.

*Clients must cancel 24 hours prior for all classes. If a client does not cancel a reserved spot in the allotted time, there is a cancellation fee or the class.
*After 3 instances of late cancellations or no shows, pre-registration will be disabled for 1 week.
*As a courtesy to all clients, no one will be allowed to enter class after it has started. If a client is late for a class, their spot may be given to a person on the wait list. 

*We do not issue refunds.  If there is an issue, an exchange may be discussed.

Additional Specialty Classes

Lyra/Steel Hoop

Basic Lyra Classes teach you how get into the steel hoop w/ grace, and moving onto gorgeous poses and moves in the lyra.

What to wear?

  • Leggings or Tights, and/or leg warmers
  • T-shirt or Tank-top


Burlesque Body

Sultry moves to tone & sculpt the body!

What to wear?

  • Workout attire.
  • Must bring a yoga mat (Polercise sells & rents them)


Silks classes teaches basic moves that transform into beautiful sequences on the ribbons.

 What to wear?

  • Leggings or Tights
  • T-shirt or Long Sleeve Shirt (armpits must be covered)



Hula Hoop

Find your flow! You'll learn to tell a story with your hoop, both on & off your body. We focus on movements that provide a creative sense of play.  

What to wear?

  • Casual dance or workout attire
  • Polercise provides the hula-hoops... we also sell them if you want to practice at home


Pole Fitness

Learn basic grips, holds, spins and fun floorwork in the lower levels. Our advance classes teach harder tricks and how to invert correctly & safely.

What to wear?

  • Shorts & T-shirt or Tanks-top
  • Pole Socks & Pole Shoes are optional (sold @Polercise)
  • Polercise™ sells & installs poles in your home