Hula Hoop

Find your flow!  We focus on movements that provide a creative sense of play.  

What to wear?

  • Casual dance or workout attire
  • Polercise provides the hula-hoops... we also sell them if you want to practice at home

Barre Lower Body Workout

Work your booty & legs with us in this class!

What to wear?

  • Workout attire.
  • Must bring a yoga mat (Polercise sells & rents them)

Cardio Dance

Join us for some fun dance aerobic moves.  This is an upbeat & energetic class that gets the blood pumping. 

What to wear?

  • Dance or workout attire.
  • Sneakers or barefoot for your feet.

*Classes fill up quickly; limited space available.
*Clients must cancel 24 hours prior for all classes.
*As a courtesy to all clients, no one will be allowed to enter class after it has started.

Dance Fit

Learn some fun dance moves while getting a great cardio workout.

What to wear?

  •  We we require knee pads. (Polercise sells dancer knee pads.)
  • Heels are optional.

Sexy Floorwork

We teach a choreographed routine with fun sexy moves... great to add to your pole routines.

What to wear?

  • We we require knee pads. (Polercise sells dancer knee pads.)
  • Heels are encouraged.

Circuit & Boxing

You will run through 3-4 circuits working on the TOTAL, body... just recently added "boxing" to the circuit. GREAT WORKOUT Class! The class ends with "soothing" stretching exercises.

What to wear?

  • Workout attire & sneakers.
  • Boxing hand wraps. (Polercise sells them.)
  • Need a yoga mat (Polercise sells & rents them.)